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Oheno Ventures Multi Link (Nig).

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

When it comes to your 3D wallpapers this is the best online company where you can make your purchase easily and get it to your location safely without stress or issue we deliver straight to your location.

Choose from several designs

You can easily choose your several designs by adding them to your cart and fill the quantity if you want more than one of it then after that you take the next step which is sending in your order which will automatically get to our company mail- info@ohenoventures.store

Next Step To Take:

After seeing your total amount after checking out kindly make your transfer to our shown Bank Account Details and Call our default Line for confirmation.

Placing Your Confirmation Call:

This is the last step to take on finishing your order process kindly call our default line 09029959539 to confirm your payment and also present your contact detail and information needed to post your waybill.


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